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Build a website in a day.
Take a workshop in which you will build your website. 1 day = 2 half days. With content management system/weblog software that puts you fully in charge of what’s on your site, so that you can add to it or make changes anytime, day or night.

This is a hands-on workshop. In the San Gabriel Valley. In a small group. With quick results. At a price that a small businessperson or independent creative can afford.

You’re a person with a small business. Or an independent creative: a writer, an artist, an actor. Or a consultant.

Maybe you’re in NoHo. Or you’re somewhere between BoHo to SoHo. Small. Nimble. Independent. Or maybe you’re part of a group putting on a reunion or event. Maybe you’ve got a hobby– okay, you get the idea. Maybe this list describes you. Maybe it doesn’t.

But what you need is a website. Stat. A place to hang your shingle on the world wide web. And you need it on a budget.

You’re in the greater Los Angeles area. You’ve got some computer skills. You surf the net. You’ve bought stuff online. You’re comfortable using websites that make you fill out forms to get stuff done (send email, send message, sign up for something, make a purchase).

You’ve thought about web sites. You’ve made some inquiries. You’ve found the prices daunting: $1500? $3000? $5000? More!? Eeek– your inner CFO says you can’t spare that kind of money on a site. Not right now.

But you still need that web site.

So you weigh the alternatives.

You could build it yourself… Sure, buy that book, figure out HTML, how to construct pages. But you haven’t done that yet because, well, you’re working on the really important stuff — your idea or service that the web site is going to be about. The do-it-yourself route sounds like such an impossible time-sink. It’ll take weeks! Or months!

Is there some kind of in-between way?
A way to have a website that’s so well-behaved that it practically runs itself?
A way that you can work in the spirit of do-it-yourself without having to learn an entire new discipline? At a price that your Inner CFO will gladly authorize?


This workshop is for you.

By the end of one day, you’ve done all the major work to get the website up and running. The total cost is about $450 — which includes domain registration, hosting and the all-day workshop. (more about price)

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”
Chinese Proverb

This hands-on workshop is a combination of “give a fish” and “teach how to fish.” The first steps to set up the site are a kind of group fishing exercise. Catch a biiiiig fish! guaranteed! Once the site is set up, the workshop teaches you how to fish to work with your site on an ongoing basis.

This is a workshop for you: Build a website in 1 day. (One day’s worth is best done as Two Half Days). Okay, it doesn’t take just a day to create a website. You need to do some preparation before the workshop. And you’ll probably have some more work to do afterwards. But in two half-days you’ll go from having an idea about a website to an actual, functioning web site, with some skills and help for what to do from here.

WordPress view of this pageYou’ll have control over what’s in there. You can make changes to it any time you want. Once you’re past the initial hurdle of setting up the site, you won’t need a webmaster to make any little change to this word here, or that word there. (Image at left shows this page in “edit” mode. Click to enlarge. See how easy it is to make changes to the site.)

At the end of the day, you will….

By the end of the two half days, you will have completed these “we fish together” tasks…

  • Signed up with a web host
  • Installed Software and Database
  • Pointed your domain name to the web site

And you will have made your web site your own with these “teach-you-how-to-fish” tasks:

Praise for Susan Kitchens’s hands-on instruction

[For a conference session: Podcasting in 1 Hour]
“Susan Kitchens knows podcasting. Ourmedia.org is one of the world’s largest free hosting services for podcasts, which has led me to attended several podcasting workshops over the past year. The one taught by Susan Kitchens at BlogHer was one of the best I’ve seen. Susan takes the mystery out of the technology by distilling the essence of the craft into a few simple steps. She hands out an accompanying worksheet to make it even easier. Want to learn how to get up and running? Take a workshop with Susan Kitchens.”

JD Lasica
Co-founder, Ourmedia.org
Author, Darknet

  • Working with text in your web site
  • Uploading images to your web site
  • Create pages for your site
  • Changed site’s appearance with one click

You’ll receive handouts to help you remember…

  • What you did (Yes, it’s lots of info; but I’ll help you remember!)
  • Your usernames and passwords (yes, you set up a few of them)
  • Where to go in order to do this or that task with your site (a quick guide to help you go right where you need to)
  • Step by step: How to launch your site (if it’s not ready by the end of session 2)
  • Step by step: How to upload themes or plugins to change your site’s appearance or add a new feature

Once you’re set up on a new web host, you’ll have the potential to

  • Add a photo gallery
  • Digital Video
  • Digital Audio (podcasting)
  • Send and receive email from your own domain

About this site

Formerly “All Things Bryce” this site is home to the professional consulting business of Susan A. Kitchens, AuntiAlias & Associates.

What is AuntiAlias, anyhow?

AuntiAlias is a pun on the word antialias. In computer graphics, anti-aliasing is the process of adding what seems to be blurry in-between pixels to smooth the image so it won't appear so "jaggy." The pun came about in the early days of Bryce, the 3D landscape software. Bryce's final rendering pass is anti-aliasing. On the software's support boards, I'd sign my posts as "Auntie Alias." I thought, "Hey, I'll make that into a screen name!" The 10-character limit resulted in this spelling you see here: auntialias.

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