Three books about Bryce

I have written three books about Bryce. Each one grew half again as thick as the previous one.

The first one, The KPT Bryce Book (1995, Addison-Wesley) covers Bryce 1 for MacOS. I’m very proud of it; it won a Computer Press Award.

The second one, Real World Bryce 2 (1997, Peachpit Press) covers Bryce 2 for Mac and Windows (software built from different code bases, so Bryce 2 for Mac is different than Bryce 2 for Windows.)

The third (and final?) one, Real World Bryce 4 (2000, Peachpit Press, co-authored with Victor Gavenda), covers Bryce 4. Animation, oh my! Covered in painstaking detail.

Curious whether there’ll be a book for Bryce 5? No. The software didn’t changed enough to justify a new book version. (The tradeoff: Do I want to be creating a bizillion screenshots of that new blue interface and playing catch up? Do you really want to spend fifty bucks for a big thick book that’s mostly the same as the last one you paid fifty bucks for? RWB4 had hundreds of pages of brand new pages about new Bryce features

About this site

Formerly “All Things Bryce” this site is home to the professional consulting business of Susan A. Kitchens, AuntiAlias & Associates.

What is AuntiAlias, anyhow?

AuntiAlias is a pun on the word antialias. In computer graphics, anti-aliasing is the process of adding what seems to be blurry in-between pixels to smooth the image so it won't appear so "jaggy." The pun came about in the early days of Bryce, the 3D landscape software. Bryce's final rendering pass is anti-aliasing. On the software's support boards, I'd sign my posts as "Auntie Alias." I thought, "Hey, I'll make that into a screen name!" The 10-character limit resulted in this spelling you see here: auntialias.

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