Bryce 2 Mac & Win Compared


Although Bryce 2.1 for Macintosh and Windows supposedly has feature parity across platforms, there are some subtle differences between the two versions.

When the developers of Bryce ported the Macintosh product to Windows, they re-wrote the software in Axiom, MetaCreations’ proprietary platform-independent graphic code library.

Because of the differences at the core of the code base, there are some differences in function between Macintosh and Windows. I’ve listed them all here, by category (see buttons at left).

All versions of Bryce–from this point forward– will be based in Axiom. Therefore they’ll grow out of what is currently the Windows version of Bryce.

So, browse through these pages to see in detail how Bryce works on all platforms.

That’s great!! I happen to use both versions!

If you’re using both the Mac and Windows versions, you’ll find this comparison to be quite useful. If something doesn’t work as expected on the one platform, find out why, and get hints about what you can do about it.

What’s it to me as a Windows Brycer?

This comparison is helpful for Windows Brycers, who are referring to a manual that is greatly skewed toward the Macintosh product. Check out a particular feature here to get the skinny on why your Windows version works differently.

What’s it to me as a Mac Brycer?

As development of Bryce goes forward, Mac users may experience a big change from version 2.1 to “the next thing.” So, for everyone’s enjoyment and awareness, here’s a list of the differences, so you can see what to look forward to, and what (possibly) to dread. Please don’t badger the MetaCreations development team with items in this site; I already gave them a copy before I put it up here on the web. They know what’s what. : )

More reasons why I put this whole shebang together . . .

This set of comparions is also my compilation of the bugs and anomalies in both versions of Bryce.

In addition, since the book is still hanging out being produced and printed, this section also serves as a foretaste of topics covered therein. Indeed, I compiled this material by conducting a search of the text for each chapter using the word “Windows”.

About this site

Formerly “All Things Bryce” this site is home to the professional consulting business of Susan A. Kitchens, AuntiAlias & Associates.

What is AuntiAlias, anyhow?

AuntiAlias is a pun on the word antialias. In computer graphics, anti-aliasing is the process of adding what seems to be blurry in-between pixels to smooth the image so it won't appear so "jaggy." The pun came about in the early days of Bryce, the 3D landscape software. Bryce's final rendering pass is anti-aliasing. On the software's support boards, I'd sign my posts as "Auntie Alias." I thought, "Hey, I'll make that into a screen name!" The 10-character limit resulted in this spelling you see here: auntialias.

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