Bryce 2 Easter Eggs

Press the mouse just above the Create Cylinder icon. You’ll get a pop-up menu with several additional items listed. Don’t expect them all to work perfectly; they won’t. In fact, the Gnrl Polyhedron will not work at all. Sometimes you may need to freshly relaunch Bryce in order for the other easter egg objects to appear correctly.


To create the Secret Round Parallel Light on the Create Palette, press the Ctrl key while clicking the Create parallel spotlight icon. You’ll get a round parallel spotlight!

The Nano Update preview in real time works best on zippy fast Pentium computers. Set your Nano update option to Auto Update. Do something in your scene. Grab an object and begin dragging it around. While you are still moving the object around, press the F10 key! You get an instant super-fast update!

To access the Metallicity control in the Materials Composer, press the Ctrl+Alt keys and click to the right of the Preview Window. The Metallicity control appears, and will be displayed for the remainder of your current Bryce session. Like the other Materials Channels, Metallicity has a slider that ranges from 0-255. It controls how much the Diffuse Color is filtered through the reflection. (You can use Metallicity to filter the Diffuse Color even if you have a Diffusion setting of 0)

About this site

Formerly “All Things Bryce” this site is home to the professional consulting business of Susan A. Kitchens, AuntiAlias & Associates.

What is AuntiAlias, anyhow?

AuntiAlias is a pun on the word antialias. In computer graphics, anti-aliasing is the process of adding what seems to be blurry in-between pixels to smooth the image so it won't appear so "jaggy." The pun came about in the early days of Bryce, the 3D landscape software. Bryce's final rendering pass is anti-aliasing. On the software's support boards, I'd sign my posts as "Auntie Alias." I thought, "Hey, I'll make that into a screen name!" The 10-character limit resulted in this spelling you see here: auntialias.

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