Bryce 4 Factoids and Tips

Various cool things about Bryce that I’m running across while working
on Real World Bryce 4

Keeping your file size down (Auto-Key) 28 Sept
Killing all cloud motion for animation (Sky Lab) 28 Sept
Stupid Bryce Tricks 28 Sept
Make or View Comments! 14 Nov

Keeping your file size down
If you are creating a still scene, set Auto-key to “off"
If you have created a scene file already, and want to remove all references
to any animation (even if simply dormant), then do the following:

Just for grins, take note of the file size of your scene.
Turn Auto Key Off
Hold down command-option-control-shift (Mac) and click the minus
You’ll see an alert that asks you, "What’re you up to?"
Click OK
You’ll see another alert that says "Done" Click OK.
Save your scene file
Check out the file size difference. (there should be a difference!)

Killing all cloud motion for animation (Sky
Don’t want to have any sky motion whatsoever? Kill it all by clicking
the center button in the cloud direction control. (It turns orange when
clicked) It zeroes out the motion and turbulence for you. Voila. A still,
still sky!

Stupid Bryce Tricks
(or what you can do with Bryce and a keyboard, oh

Launch Bryce 4 to a new scene.
Set the Auto-Key to on in the Timeline options pop-up menu.
Create a cube.

Note: The next series of steps all involve things to type on your keyboard.

tap 2
tap … (period key 3x)
tap the up arrow 5x
tap …
tap the left arrow key 5x
tap …
tap the down arrow key 5x
tap …
tap the left arrow key 5x
tap …
tap the up arrow key 5x
tap …
tap the left arrow key 5x
tap …
tap the down arrow key 5x
tap …
tap the left arrow key 5x
tap \
tap \ again.

(See what kind of goofy stuff is *not* making it inside Real
World Bryce 4?)

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