This special section features interesting info all about Bryce. (It’s way outta date, but once I create these pages, I don’t let ‘em die.) I also had a page on Bryce-related seminars, but I’ve let it die a small death, as I’m not offering those currently. I am, however, doing some website-making workshops.

Bryce 4

Bryce 4 Tips

A work-in-progress tip page for cool things I’ve discovered while working on Real World Bryce 4

Bryce 4 Movie Tests

What happens when a bunch of objects track a single object in a movie? : ) (requires QuickTime 3 or later)

Bryce 2

Mac and Windows Bryce Compared

A feature by feature comparison of the different behaviors of Bryce for the different platforms.
Bryce 2 Easter Eggs

Secret undocumented features in both Mac and Windows versions.

About this site

Formerly “All Things Bryce” this site is home to the professional consulting business of Susan A. Kitchens, AuntiAlias & Associates.

What is AuntiAlias, anyhow?

AuntiAlias is a pun on the word antialias. In computer graphics, anti-aliasing is the process of adding what seems to be blurry in-between pixels to smooth the image so it won't appear so "jaggy." The pun came about in the early days of Bryce, the 3D landscape software. Bryce's final rendering pass is anti-aliasing. On the software's support boards, I'd sign my posts as "Auntie Alias." I thought, "Hey, I'll make that into a screen name!" The 10-character limit resulted in this spelling you see here: auntialias.

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    Hey Susan,
    How ya doing? It’s an old Brycer from Bryce New Mex,Ojai and Sedona stopping in to say hi and thanks for the memories. I’m now semi-retired from teaching graphic design and spend much of my time painting landscapes(oil and acrylic) and traveling to Hawaii and Chile ,SA each year. I’m very fortunate to have both places to marvel at while I pass my remaining days on the planet.

    I have nothing cool or catchy to say just how much fun Bryce Camp was for me and everything we passed together as a group of crazy computer animating nuts.( Hey,can I get some tile nuts please?) Really, what a great experience to be involved in that exciting time of 3d rendering.

    I just looked at some of the pics and videos from Sedona and had to say hi again. I have been teaching animation with Vue 5 Infinite the past few years but am dusting off Bryce 5 on my Apple Intel laptop to start again where I left off back then. (I still have all my old files…so cool!)
    Bryce Camp New Mexico is one of my fondest memories…the place, the people, the daily workshops with you, Chris, Rodney, etc. and walking around in Georgia O’Keefe’s footprints in the afternoon sun…really fine!

    Your Bryce images inpired me to move to the computer as well as the canvas to render landscape forms for the pure joy of image making. I so cherish my Bryce Camp days, especially Abiquiu. I appreciate all the work put into setting that up etc.,but mostly the fun you guys made it in the bare bones surroundings of Ghost Ranch.
    I send you my best wishes Susan, for a sunny Bryce future with full auntialised render set on maximum ppi. And in the words of my favorite composer (Jackson Browne), “keep a fire burning in your eye, pay attention to the open sky, you never know what will be coming down…”

    all good things I hope,
    Randal Feig